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Welcome One and All!

free glitter text and family website at
This is a group based around the Mane 6+every other pony that makes up Equestria! Please feel free to join and feature deviations here of the mane 6 and more! We are a group based completely around MLP. Any artwork is appreciated, and it does NOT have to consist of the Mane 6.

:bulletgreen:What are the Elements of Harmony you may ask????
Well they consist of the following-

The Mane six are the 'main' characters of the hit t.v series MLP FIM. They all play a role in the Elements of Harmony and with these wonderous necklace-powered friendship-bonds the six can defeat largely rising monsters and enemies.

free glitter text and family website at
If you are a pony, don't hesitate to ask to join our list that makes up every pony! Or if you happen to know a pony on the dA, feel free to tag them to our beloved group!

:bulletgreen:Well if there is an OPEN pony that is of your choice, just create an account simply!
:bulletgreen:We would like to try and obtain as many MLP characters as possible.
:bulletgreen: IF there is an inactive pony you'd like to be, just ask!
:bulletgreen:No you do not have to roleplay with your account if you do not prefer to. Let us respect one another in harmony!
free glitter text and family website at
free glitter text and family website at
Twilight Sparkle~~TwilightSparkle-01
Pinkie Pie~~TheOfficialPinkiePie
+Spike~~SpikeTheDragon-MLP (inactive)

free glitter text and family website at
Princess Celesia~~XPrincess-OfThe-SunX
Princess Luna~~TheOnlyPrincessLuna
Princess Cadance~~Princess--Cadance
Prince Shining Armor~~Prince-ShiningArmor
Princess FlurryHeart~~XflurryheartX
Flashsentry~~ OPEN
Royal Guard(s)~~OPEN

free glitter text and family website at
Scootaloo~~ HayleeRainbow (inactive)
Sweetie Belle~~Real-Sweetie-Belle
Applebloom~~ OPEN
Babs Seed~~ OPEN

free glitter text and family website at
Mr. Carrot Cake~~ OPEN
Mrs. Cupcake~~ OPEN
Derpy Hooves~~ OPEN
Doctor Hooves~~ OPEN
Cheerilee~~ OPEN
Lyra Heartsrings~~ LyraHeartstrings16
Bon Bon~~ OPEN
Golden Harvest~~ OPEN
Lotus Blossom~~ OPEN
Octavia~~ OPEN
Zecora~~ OPEN
Daring Do~~ OPEN
DJ Pon 3~~ OPEN
Junebug~~ OPEN
Mayor Mare~~ OPEN
Maud Pie~~ rockpie
Tree Hugger~~ OPEN
Cheese Sandwich~~ OPEN
Beauty Brass~~ OPEN

free glitter text and family website at
Granny Smith~~ OPEN
Big Mac~~ OPEN
Braeburn~~ OPEN
Peachy Sweet~~ OPEN
AppleFritter~~ Applefritter-MLP
Apple Dumpling~~ OPEN
Apple Tart~~ OPEN
Apple Strudel~~ OPEN
Apple Cinnamon Crisp~~ OPEN
Apple Rose~~ OPEN
Apple Slice~~ OPEN
Apple Bread~~ OPEN
Apple Honey~~ OPEN
Apple Cobbler~~ OPEN
Apple Cider~~ OPEN
Brown Sugar~~ OPEN
Golden Delicious~~ OPEN
Aunt Orange~~ OPEN
Apple Bumpkin~~ OPEN

free glitter text and family website at
Lightning Dust~~ OPEN
Spitfire~~ Spitfire-WonderboltX
Soarin~~ OPEN
Fleetfoot~~ OPEN
Firestreak~~ OPEN
Lightningstreak~~ OPEN
Cloudkicker~~ OPEN
Blossomforth~~ OPEN
Cloudchaser~~ OPEN
Flitter~~ OPEN
Thunderlane~~ OPEN
Night Glider~~ OPEN
Orange Swirl~~ OPEN
Star Hunter~~ OPEN
Starburst~~ OPEN

free glitter text and family website at
Shining Tiara~~ OPEN
Silverspoon~~ OPEN
Pipsqueak~~ OPEN
Featherweight~~ OPEN
Pumpkin Cake~~ OPEN
Pound Cake~~ OPEN
Rumble~~ OPEN
Snails~~ OPEN
Snips~~ OPEN
Twist~~ OPEN
Zipporwhill~~ OPEN

free glitter text and family website at
Trenderhoof~~ OPEN
Photo Finish~~ Photo-Finish2016
Upper Crust~~ OPEN
Fleur de Lis~~ OPEN
Savoi Fare~~ OPEN
Fancy Pants~~ OPEN
Minuette~~ OPEN
Lemonhearts~~ OPEN

free glitter text and family website at
Sunset Shimmer~~ Sunset--Shimmer
King Sombra~~ OPEN
Queen Chrysalis~~QueenChrysalisX
Tirek~~I-Am-Tirek (inactive)
Starlight Glimmer~~MLP-StarlightGlimmer (inactive)
Nightmare Moon~~ OPEN
Trixie LulaMoon~~ OPEN

free glitter text and family website at
Kobito Daisuke~~Aguywhocomments
Princess Aurora Silverlight/Prince Somnus Silverlight/Princess Blueberry Swirl Silverlight~~Keithsterling
Giant Luka~~SocksLord
(Simply ask if you have an OC)
Okay so this group that twilight founded was made for mlp fans to help join in on the cause and need for more pony account-roleplayers. We've only gotten like 2 so far to make an actual pony character whether it be antagonist, background pony, or etc. to join in.
At any time anyone can volunteer for an open pony or even an inactive pony user on the big pony list upon the group's page :)
It's actually really awesome guys so maybe a few should look into it? It's not a must, but it would be fun to see if we could collect as many characters as possible from the show. :D

Hurry and pick any not-already chosen favorite pony of yours!! :D
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Pinkie Pie
Icon 1: Pinkie Pie by Skyline19
The Real Pinkie Pie by Adlynh
MLP Cup Art - CMC by SpainFischer
Trample flowers cutie mark! by mrs1989
Pigtails by kas92
Fun time with Princess and CMC by Alasou


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